About the Instructor

Janet GeeJanet Gee is an 8th degree black belt with an extensive background as a self-defense, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and yoga instructor, and practitioner of bodywork and healing modalities such as Alexander Technique and the Feldenkrais Method.

For Janet, martial arts and conscious movement offer students a path of personal growth, physical and mental resiliency, and a practice of being in the present; body, mind and spirit.

Chosen by the San Francisco Bay Guardian newspaper as the best self-defense instructor in the Bay Area in 1997, Janet has spent her life teaching all kinds of audiences, from martial arts masters, to seniors, to people with disabilities, transgender, and troubled youth.

Along with teaching students privately, Janet has been an instructor for many martial arts masters and organizations, City College of San Francisco, and SF State University and is a certified rape crisis counselor with San Francisco Women Against Rape.

1 thought on “About the Instructor

  1. Janet Gee is so astute and mastered in what she does, it’s almost effortless. Try it.

    Best mentor, best womanist, best rape crisis counselor, best self defense teacher, best Tai Chi master, best Qi Gong, best Alexander Technique and the best Feldenkrais Method master, best yoga teacher, extremely sensitive and educated in interacting with people with trauma.

    I recommend Janet Gee to
    Sexual assault survivors
    Domestic violence survivors
    Political and Religious Oppressed
    Genitalia Mutilation Survivors
    Arranged Marriage Survivors
    Confined and Isolated
    LGBTQQIP population
    Transgender population
    Divorce traumatized
    Family friction
    Adventurous youth
    Mental Health Agendas
    Self Doubt / harm

    Don’t rush. take it nice and slow. Give it 10, 15 years. What Janet Gee teaches you sticks with you.

    One good advice
    Walk to go everywhere

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